TrainSignal Review – Intro to Windows Server 2008 course.

The most important aspect to all training courses is the instructor.

The Instructor for this course is Coach Culbertson. He has 10 years of IT and training experience and several related IT certifications. He was also a High School teacher for two years. His qualifications certainly meet my requirements for a successful training course.

Some of the topics covered in this windows 2008 training course are:

• Windows Server 2008 Full Installation and Domain Controller Installation
• Active Directory Users and Groups
• Server Core Installation and DHCP Role Installation
• File and Print Server Role Installation
• Read Only Domain Controllers
• IIS Installation and Basic Modularization
• Terminal Services Remote Application Set Up
• Client Imaging and Deployment
• Server 2008 Certification

One thing I have always liked about the trainsignal courses are the use of training scenarios. For this course they used Verde Petra Perks and Publishing. I thought this scenario did a good job capturing a “real world” example an administrator may come across.

This course covered the various Editions and requirements of Windows Server 2008. Like all Microsoft products there are many flavors to choose from. I thought this was relevant and important information to cover. This course also covered a full install of Windows Server 2008 and the initial configuration tasks. Installation of Active Directory Domain Services role was covered as well.

I also thought the coverage of Active Directory including creating groups and users was excellent. The material on DHCP and Server Core Roles was explained in a detailed and a very easy to understand manner. Server Core Roles is a great feature and is a must know for administrators.

Coach Culberston also did a solid job explaining the new features of IIS 7.0 and the use of modularization. This course covered many other relevant topics and offered an excellent intro to the world of Windows Server 2008.

Overall this course was another example of why I strongly recommend TrainSignal products. They are reputable, relevant and offer tremendous value.

Computer Based Training courses can be expensive, but compared with taking a course at school or at a boot camp you will save considerable amounts of money. You also have the convenience of watching it almost anywhere. The ability to repeat the course as often as you want is another huge plus over brick and mortar training.

If you are comfortable taking computer based training you will find it hard to find a better value then

We wish you the best in your training efforts and your career and hope you found this trainsignal review useful.