pass4sure Review

Since this company is the same that owns, the review is the same.

Do you want to know the truth about  Here is the review you should read.

Although has been around for a long time, they are very unethical.  They are own by Certification Trendz which operates over forty re-branded websites, that sell the exact same information.  For example, and are the exact same company.

I have used several of their Microsoft training guides and dumps and they have a huge amount of errors.  I would never commend you rely on their products, because they fail to simulate the test experience well enough.  It is very nerve-wracking taking computer certification exams.  I have taken over 12 different Microsoft exams and have passed them all without wasting money on shady websites like  Can you imagine wasting $125.00 for a certification test and another $150.00 for poor test training information?

If all, this isn’t bad enough, the phone number of their website is disconnected.  If you are considering, you should not walk away, you should run.

The reasons you should run from a company like

  • They do not stand behind their product.  I have heard from countless people who where unable to get their money back when they failed their test.
  • They offer a guarantee, but it is completely worthless.
  • The content is not up to date.  This is a deal breaker if you are taking a test that is frequently updated.
  • The study guide is not very informative and doesn’t help you grasp the concepts.
  • The practice exams are not reviewed by industry experts’
  • The screw over their business partners and affiliates.


Using products will not help you pass your test.  There is really no doubt about that.  You should choose another study source and one that is not owned by certification Trendz.  After-all, this company that was sued by Microsoft.